Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Odds & Ends

I have a reason why I haven't been posting, I really do. It's because I'm lazy.

Now, I finally cracked, and much as I abhor MySpace because it's messy as a 2year old's dinner when they feed themself, that's where my friends are at. So I tweaked it a bit, but don't be fooled - I still am not a fan.

I'm talking about myspace, because I freakishly met an old school mate in a small restaurant the other day (Wild Oak, good food, but I was rather glad I had a voucher - cheers cousin Canada, great gift), and I said I'd look up her myspace to get in touch. I only said it because there wasn't time or facilities to jot down phone numbers or email addresses, and besides she was somewhat gobsmacked at meeting my husband and baby for the first time. So, yes, I wouldn't go to the effort usually, because as mentioned before, I'm lazy, but she was a very dear friend and I'd hate to lose track of her.
Anyway, look what I found on her site! We both used to play the flute, and while I think I will reserve sharing my beatboxing skills for New Years Eves, it almost inspires me to pull the flute out of storage...

I've missed at least a month of Wheel's life photowise, since I haven't charged the camera battery - how bad is that?? I've got some footage on mini dv though, so not all is lost. I'll charge the battery before bed and we'll get back on track.

I've been knitting too! I'm knitting some longies (woolen pants) for Wheels, and well, they could be worse. When I'm supposed to be knitting 2, purling 2, sometimes it's more like... knit, knit, purl, purl, knit, knit...hmm what's this? Ah well...another knit, purl, purl, knit...purl...Never mind.
I'm sure they'll look okay, and if they don't, I'm predicting that Wheels won't care.

Anyway, I think I had more to say, but Patience is yelling for me to come to bed, probably so he can snore to me.

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