Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Kinda a big deal

Those who know me, know I'm all talk and honest good intentions when it comes to craft (or anything really). I have a piano...which I still am learning to play. I have some circular knitting needles, but have never ever finished anything knitted, I have a sewing machine (have made one pair of pants without a pattern that didn't really fit but subjected Drama to because I was so proud), I have an overlocker (the most I have made is cloth nappy wipes and mended a church piano cover)...I have a craft room that, in short, has a lot of material and machines and books and bits and pieces and not much to show for it.

So this:

is kinda a big deal.

I know, I haven't finished it yet. And I'm technically not making something new, I'm just re-doing something - the stitching had fallen out.

Still, I looked on the internet and learned how to blanket stitch (thankyou Primrose Design), and I got some done. Feel good.

I'm thinking of embellishing the blanket somehow...any ideas what is realistic and achievable for me? My current idea is to blanket stitch a felt shape/character on and sew on buttons for eyes/wheels/details.
So...please hold me accountable to finishing this! Preferably while Drama is still in a cot so he can actually use this cot blanket.

What is the next crafty thing you hope to finish?
 (and yes you can brag, I am fully aware that there are more impressive things out there than blanket stitch!)

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