Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Buh buh busy.

At this very moment, my boys have locked themselves in my craft room and are yelling MUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!!

And that sums up my life right now, lots of appointments for the boys, lots of attention, toilet training (which can mean sitting outside the loo while both of them hold on for an hour, and times that by a few times a day), and desperately trying to remember to breathe.

So I'm not often at the computer, they seem to resent that. I'm trying to do crafty things and reading, and whatever else I can do while being really accessible to them whenever they yell 'MUUUM' (which is on average once every 4 minutes I think).

I may also be playing quite a bit of Final Fantasy II on the psp, which Patience takes to work for lunchbreaks but I claim the moment he arrives home.

It's gone quiet now, with I think the faintest of giggles...



Lulu said...

We should swap notes on appointments one day. I have to rename them. Cyclone keeps screaming NO MORE APPOINTMENTS, and Betty wonders why she doesn't have any at all *sigh

Nelle said...

Oh that's tough Lu. Wheels is the laid back type so doesn't seem to mind too much, but he's also younger than Cyclone so maybe that makes a difference too. Haha at Betty. Maybe she needs a hair appt, lol.

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