Monday, 17 May 2010

Why thankyou ma'am!

Lucy (Unperfect Life) tagged me, or awarded me, or both at once with this Happy 101 Award. Thanks Lu!

Now I would share the rules with you for your reference, but I'm going to call 12 years of bad blogging luck upon myself and not pass this on, because as far as I could be bothered (non-extensively) researching, everyone's already done it. Someone tell me - is that really bad blogger etiquette? I'd hate to be rude.

Anyway, now I've thanked Lucy, I can get to the task of listing 10 things that make me tremendously happy.

1. Sitting down for a good, uninterrupted hot drink. Patience makes a great coffee, and I am so thankful he's going through a coffee making phase at the moment, now that the weather's cooled. He even made decent drip filter coffee yesterday!! The man has serious skill.
2. Buying good value things on ebay or from op-shops. I loooove op-shopping, it makes me very happy.
3. Planning making things. Please note this is different to making things. Actually making things makes me estatic.
4. Having money to spend. I know, highly materialistic, but I love it. I love having $50 in my wallet or pocket money account and dreaming and planning the best way to spend it.
5. The sky. I love all its moods, intense blue, dramatic and beautiful sunsets, sunrises with their hope and promise, twinkling stars and the glowing moon, streaky clouds, dark moody purple grey clouds, flashing lightning, coloured twilights that make your chest feel a little tight because they're so beautiful, and plain light grey skies with their subtle changes and nuances. The sky turns my thoughts to God, and that makes me peaceful, which makes me happy.
6. Laughing.
7. A ribbon in my hair.
8. Patience paying 100% attention to me. Love language: Quality time. Dialect: Attention.
9. Having a clear conscience.
10. Deep breaths. This is probably more about calm, but I can promise you, if I'm not feeling peaceful, I'm not happy. I can feel peaceful and calm when I'm hysterical with laughter, and I can look calm while there is a storm brewing just under the surface. Nothing focuses me like stopping to breathe.

The one and the same Lulu asked me how my 20:20:20 was going. I've decided to add another :20 to it which signifies I will start it in 2020AD. Hope that's okay with everyone. For someone who is not so emotionally optimisic and then sickeningly disappointing, feel free to keep tracking Diminishing Lucy (different Lucy)'s 20:20:20 journey.

Oh - and if you happen to follow the amazing Punky & Me, you may feel right at home with the grey and larger font in places. I love Vic's blog; apart from her envy-and-delight-inspiring thrifty finds, I find her text style makes it interesting to read. And yes I'm copying.

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