Monday, 2 January 2012

40 degrees celsius

It's hot.

The boys are at their grandparents and JJ Heller* and I are enjoying the gentle sway of the hammock.
Yesterday was more wrestles on the hammock while I threatened to tip them out.

It's fast approaching 40 degrees (104 Fahrenheit, apparently) and once this water runs out I'm not sure if the breeze will be enough to keep me outside. My stubbornness might, but even that might wilt in the face of this amazing heat. Last Summer was mild so it's fun to have some days like this. Really feels like Australian Summer.

So yes. I'm blogging.
I'm not making any claims or resolutions, since I'm usually all optimistic good intentions; I'll let my actions speak for themselves.
See how we go eh?

*think the album's called 'Deeper', found it on iTunes. I also downloaded some Tchaikovsky. Cos I can.

Ahh it's 1:30 and a bit over 35 degrees...I think I might succumb to common sense...
Hope your new year is off to a satisfying start.


Beth said...

Nelle! It was so fun to see you again up here in the northern hemisphere! ;-)

We had a horribly hot drought of a summer...many days we saw 110F (which is apparently 43.3C) was rough!

I still can't get over a hot Christmas and New Year's!

I hope you are well. Good to see you again.

Nelle said...

Beth! I was so hoping you'd still watch for me! The accountability of knowing you read is good for me (no pressure or anything, haha).

43.3! Yikes! Victoria doesn't often get THAT hot, thankfully! I don't know why I think of the U.S. as a cold place when you get temperatures like that! Do you get much snow there then? (I hope that's not a ridiculously ignorant question)

A Wintery Christmas must be so much fun. We sing all your Wintery Christmas songs and they totally don't make sense! I don't think my kids even know what a sleigh is! Did you get a snowy Christmas?

Thanks for saying hi, it's nice to connect again. =)

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