Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sweet dreams, little people.

We're hopefully going to Ikea tomorrow. "Is Ikea on our island?" (Riv)

"I wish I would get married"
"I will surprise you, when I get married!" (Si)

Someone was rather chatty tonight, and he's always contagious so we talked in hushed tones about what was on the boys' minds. But enough was enough, and rather than growling, I took this little guy with me and settled him on the couch with me while I played iPad. Seems to have worked...

Pic taken with iPad, not greatest quality.

Lowie, as usual, went down without a peep. I can only say this on my blog, because my real life friends might punch me for having yet another great sleeper. I figure that God sees the haphazard chaos that is my parenting and homemaking, and figures giving me easy sleepers is the least he can do. I'm very thankful.


thetoddlerwhisperer said...

Sweet. I have two awesome sleepers too. Since they were little babies. No shame in that!!

Beth said...

Ah, yes, the blessing of sleep. I'm so glad for you! Three good sleepers!

We've had some doozies over here, including one insomniac (first 2 yrs of her life)...but our current baby is a dream right now, and with the way the rest of life is these days in the daytime, I'm thanking God regularly for (usually) uninterrupted nights - even if they are short sometimes!

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