Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Underwear and Underbreathprayer

The 5 year old was having a pre-bedtime 'moment'* because when he tried to pull his shorts off, his undies came with them.

The 3-almost-4 year old was cheery but lacked undies altogether because they were somewhat besmirched, and also, he needed to finish off the bottom-wiping that led to aforementioned besmirching.

I finished changing the almost-6 month old's nappy, and as I lay her down in her cot, prayed under my breath that she would settle easily so that I could deal with her brothers patiently.

Not a peep out of her. Thanks God. Sometimes it's the little things I can appreciate the most.

*Our understated term for hysterically losing self control and being almost impossible to reason with.


thetoddlerwhisperer said...

praise Him for those little graces. i have a son who has "moments" like that every now and then. (seriously, boy, don't throw a fit over not being able to pull your shirt off!!) :)

Beth said...

Yes, it's the little big things, isn't it?

(and so interesting about Labor Day! ha! thanks for the history lesson!)

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