Sunday, 18 February 2007

It's getting hot in here

Seriously. I'm in bed with the laptop and I have NO idea how Patience is managing to be asleep. Probably not looking at a computer screen is his secret.
But it really is very hot.

This morning our pastor and his wife announced they would be leaving our Church in August. Pretty uncool, considering I've known then since I was a teenager. Pretty cool, considering that probably means God is moving them onto something bigger and better. And they're going to visit Israel in June/July. That would be so totally interesting.

I'm in the middle of doing this online nappy hunt and I'm down to the last few sites, which are really hard. It just makes my brain work in wierd ways, I've lost my ability to think properly.
If I ever had the ability.

You know, this blog is looking like it might be all about me...and how boring is that going to be.
I need to find something interesting to report on. Apart from me.
*off to think...*

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