Tuesday, 20 February 2007

My eyes! My eyes!

Well. I've finally finished that online nappy hunt. I didn't wear my reading glasses for one bit of it. Possibly not the cleverest thing I've ever done.
Never mind, now I'm in the running for the grand prize, which I doubt I'll win, but you never know.

Patience is currently (as in, I think right now) playing at Revolver upstairs in Chapel street somewhere in a band comp - I think it's the semi final...or the final...hope it's going well. Either way, I have to stay home with Wheels while he goes out and plays drums and comes home smelling of sweat and smoke and general fun and tomfoolery.
That's okay though, motherhood's made me a sissy, so if I went, I'd likely be whinging and moaning about how late it was and when could I go to bed and collapse. Then I would fall asleep in the car on the way home and Parience would have to carry me in.
I'm probably the most exciting 23 year old the world has ever seen.

The Queen Mary 2 (it's a ship, for all those dorks who are mixing up Queen Elizabeth, who is also a ship, and Princess Mary, who is not also a ship) is in Sydney at the moment - I looked at some pictures of it and man it is huuuge! And very luxurious looking. If you could afford to take a trip on it, and not have to sell any body parts to do so, then it would be a good thing to do I reckon.

So I am waiting patiently til I think Patience has finished his set, then I will call him like the sexy exciting wife I am and say 'where are you, come home, and bring me the largest meal McDonald's has, with a frozen coke'.

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