Friday, 6 April 2007

Because I wish it would die. It's so crap. Patience made me get a myspace, I have no idea why, seeing as he's defected to Virb and rants on about how awful myspace is as well. We are well and truly an anti-myspace household.
At least if someone's looking for me, I've directed them to here.

In other news, Wheels's first food didn't go down too well, he didn't like pumpkin at all. As you can see.
His second food was apple and went quite well though! So it's apples and pears for now, I might give the savouries another shot soon and see if Wheels's changed his mind yet. He licked a bit of pumpkin soup off my finger a week ago and seemed to like that, so it's probably worth a shot.
Especially since at some stage he's going to have to move his culinary experience past pureed fruit.

Today has been Good Friday, the day where some people traditionally remember that Jesus died to take the punishment for our rebellion against God, and more people eat chocolate eggs and bunnies.
Me? Well the chocolate's out, I haven't liked chocolate since I was pregnant with Wheels, so I thank people enthusiastically for my eggs and then hand them over to Patience.
As for remembering what Jesus did for us, I had a quick read of my bible today, but certainly nothing close to what I would have liked to have done - today was a lazy day for me, sleeping in, mucking about, and then going to my family's house for dinner (fish, and it was delicious!).
I am acutely aware that this slackness needs to be addressed - I don't want my kids to be teenagers with me saying 'we'll read the bible as a family one of these days'. There are so many values and traditions that I need to get in place now, so that when we have the madness of a brood of children, missing those traditions and values would be unthinkable.
So, tomorrow, Sunday and Monday, Patience and I are going to read some of the easter story together. And maybe dye some eggs and hang them up - goodness only knows we have enough of them in the house. I'll post pics of our beautiful art work, and maybe even Patience's bored expressions!

I got a slurpee from the 7/11 that doesn't supply lids today - so I grabbed a lid from the car and took it in with me so I could have maximum value. Was rather funny to see the 7/11 guy's double take at my value-packed slurpee. Who knew $2 could provide so much satisfaction?

Oh - other Wheels highlights: he can sit up by himself (still falls eventually, so we need to watch him or surround him with cushions), he is pulling himself forward with his arms, and we have one bottom tooth through, with a second on the way!
This teething stuff makes him pretty darned clingy, so I'll be glad when I get my custom sling from Bear Hug Baby - she's making me a Mei Tai with a custom panel. It will be good to be able to cart Wheels around and still do what I need to do - we'll both be happy! And I'll look totally cool as well.

Other Patience highlights - he had a gig with his band, Voice of Apollo the other night which apparently went well - I had planned to go see them, but it turned out that I wouldn't be able to get back home til very late at night which wouldn't have been fair on my parents who were going to babysit. Hopefully I'll get to the next gig and I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, sounds like he's home from his trip to the movies, so I guess that's it for now!

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