Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Slings, crashes, weddings and dip. Yes, dip.

I got my BearHugBaby Square Tai in the post yesterday. I'm really pleased with it. Not incredibly skilled with it yet, but it's funky and very comfortable.

Belinda's made me a pocket to snap on as well, which means for short shopping trips I don't have to lug the nappy bag around - score! Wheels's given it his seal of approval by giving it a hearty chew every time he's in it.

Patience's dad had a motorbike accident today, he skidded around a corner and flew over a car, breaking it's windscreen with his knee. He said it was a really weird feeling, it felt like he was floating or being carried and he landed really gently - he reckons God must have got some angels to work making sure he was looked after. I don't really understand much about angels, but the bible talks about them a bit, and Psalm 91 talks about God using angels to protect us. Good thing - it could have been a lot worse.

My cousin gets married on Friday, which is really lovely. My sister and I are singing The Prayer at her request during the signing of the registry. We had a rehearsal this morning, and it seems to be shaping up better than I imagined, which I'm very thankful for! No idea what to wear though, it's going to be a cold day by the look of it. Any ideas?

If no-one's tried Basil, cashew and parmesan dip yet (comes in a few different brands) then try it. It's good.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure to be back with more fascinating information soon.


Belinda said...

Looking good Nelle!
Just 1 tip...when you pop him in it, do a little jump and pull on the straps over your shoulders. Helps to get him higher, which will mean you can get it tighter and more comfy for both of you. Mind you River does look like he's enjoying that chew ;-)
And so glad to hear your DH is ok after his accident! Very lucky indeed!

Jodi said...

Looks like River loves that sling.
How'd your singing voice go at the wedding, did you eventually find something to wear!

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