Thursday, 3 May 2007

A cover and some pants.

Haven't got Maz's cover on Wheels yet - but here are some photos of it!

I pulled out the sewing machine and decided to have a shot! I wasn't too confident since I failed sewing in high school, but I was playing with scraps (legs of old suit pants I'd cut up for my sister's Pirate 21st) so I figured it didn't matter. I got the elastic from a pair of Patience's jocks that were on the way out. I think I could have done worse - what do you think? Be kind now. I hope they fit. I'm planning on trying the pants and the cover on Wheels tomorrow.

The second photo is more indicative of the true colour of the material.

Not bad for the first thing I've ever sewn hey!

I think I like this creative stuff. Which is good, since I might go shopping tomorrow to check out scrapbooking stuff for Mother's day.

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