Monday, 3 March 2008

About time!

Figured it's about flipping time I updated hey.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant, so getting close, labour bag mostly packed! Still need to charge the camera.

I've started to drink Raspberry leaf tea, which looks suspiciously illegal, and has a weird texture, it's kinda like dried moss? Maybe? Anyway, I'd heard it was disgusting, but I'm quite liking it. That might be due to the 3 sugars I have with it though. But who's going to argue with Mary Poppins? I need something to help the medicine go down.

Everyone is having Tupperware parties, and I was all excited to buy Tupperware, but I seem to have gotten myself distracted by Baby Carriers. I've got a Bear Hug Baby Pouch (which she doesn't make anymore, so I got it on sale), and it's been brilliant for carrying Riv on my hip short distances - my arms get tired easily, and he loves it.

Anyway. I'm getting myself a CatBirdBaby (how cool is that for a brand name!) Pikkolo, which is like a Baby Bjorn, only not with a lifespan of only 4kgs (Wheels was over 4kgs born and started to get too heavy for the carrier around 8kgs), heaps more supportive for parents, heaps more supportive for kids, goes up to about 18kgs, and also does back carries - so you can wear your kiddo like a backpack. Plus it has a sleeping hood so if bub falls asleep their head doesn't flop everywhere. Awesome.
They have patterns, but I'm not in love with any of them, plus I want to have a carrier that Patience is happy to wear too, so we're getting the Khaki colour. He's not convinced by babywearing yet, but then, he's never worn anything besides the Bjorn, so I don't think it'll be too hard to win him over.

Anyway, the reason I'm not too fazed about getting a plain SSC (soft structured carrier), is because I am very very much on the verge of ordering a BabyHawk Mei Tai (type of asian inspired carrier) through the lovely Mel who runs WriggleBots. The fabrics are amazing. Now, sure, you might scratch your head and say 'I thought you already have a Bear Hug Baby Mei Tai'. Well I do. And it's good. But I want a BabyHawk, these have a few features that the BHB doesn't have (like padded straps), they look like the body might be a bit smaller than the BHB so better for a newborn (which I will have soon), and the cost is equivalent (or less!) compared to some of the technology stuff Patience buys - for pleasure! Whereas this is a tool for my job.
Oh, and you can make them reversible too - they're completely customisable!

So, here's my dilemma - which centre panels to get? The straps/body of the Mei Tai will be charcoal (so grey), because the other Mei Tai is brown, and the Pikkolo is Khaki, so I'm looking for a more blueish or bright kind of carrier. So tell me what you think of these fabrics - this is my shortlist:

Boho Blossom Black

Cranes & Bonsai Blue

Cocoa Sakura

Floral Cathedral Windows

Chocho White

Black Spring Birds

Cranes & Bonsai Red

Blue Perfection Flannel

Birds & Butterflies Black

Help me decide! I can get 2 panels, one on each side, so it's kinda 2 carriers in one! If you're really dedicated, you can go to the BabyHawk Design Centre to see what they look like on the Charcoal background, or see if there's any panels you think would be warned though, there are a LOT to choose from. I'm really impressed with how customisable these are for such a popular carrier.
I'm currently leaning towards Boho Blossom Black...just trying to consider how these will look from a distance, the Boho's nice and bright, where I wonder if you'll kinda miss the detail of some of the other designs...
Anyway - help!! What do y'all reckon? Leave me your comments!

Trying to think what else has been happening - Patience got a ps3, which is pretty cool, though I'm waiting for a game to come out that appeals to me. I kinda think Patience is too. But he couldn't wait, and some of the arcade games are pretty fun...he's been playing a bit of Loco Roco and those little singing voices crack me up. It's pretty cute.

For those who care about nappies, what should I say? I love our Catnaps HoneyBoy Night Nappy! It's awesome, Cat's done a grouse job, and it's noice and high in the rise. Very much considering ordering Wheels some of her grouse AIO's...when I get around to it! Helps that I know her in real life, so I'll be able to hassle her for a good custom fit - Wheels' length and slimness has been an issue in the past, though I think he's chubbing up now (mostly because he's not walking). He's probably a pretty standard Medium/Long size.
Oh, and we love our Itti Bitti D'Lishes (as does pretty much everyone else who owns some I reckon!), and ummm...well, we love all our nappies at the moment! It's a good stash, when every nappy is equally loved and used.
Actually, I'm not feeling the love for our v.1 BumGenius pockets at the moment, but they've lived a pretty hard life, and don't look so great. Might use and abuse them with the newie and then send them to the old nappies retirement village...we'll see.

Right, think I'm done for now! Hope everyone's doing well, and making the most of the last of these warm days before Autumn really kicks in! (Okay, so I know not everyone has warm weather right now, but I bet you'll get at least one more warm spell before the cold hits for good - use it wisely!)


Sarah_H said...

I'm having the same dilemma, but you picked different ones that I didn't even see so now I'm having more probems deciding!

I like from yours - Floral Cathedral and Blue Perfection :)

Good luck deciding!

Nelle said...

Oh! I'm scared to ask which ones you like then! =P

Toria said...

If it was me, I'd go for the top one or the one second from the bottom. Sorry, I'd already clicked on comments when I noticed they had names, & I didn't feel like going back to check the names of those two.

LilPrecious said...

Hi Nelle -

I'm partial to the Floral Cathedral Windows one!!

Good luck!!

Cinders xo said...

You've been tagged Nelle *insert evil laughter*

Hope you're well sweets :)

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