Sunday, 11 November 2007

Still alive and kicking!

I first saw a snippet of this awhile ago, and thought it was fun, this longer clip that's been doing the rounds of facebook is pure gold.

In other news, our Christmas tree's up and looks fan-frikin-tastic! Don't you think?

We love Christmas so much here! Looks as good as a Myer tree! Maybe better! I've started the Chrissy shopping too, having a child definitely brings new values to Christmas shopping. If you're going to go, no farting around, get to the point, know exactly what you want, because at any moment, the time bomb you're carting around might decide they're over it and ready for bed. So I shop much like a man, minus the half an hour in the video games store. And if the bub's still cheery, a coffee at the end!

Speaking of coffee and kids, I've heard some awful stories lately of people being treated so badly because of crying kids in coffee shops and stores in general. Now, I'm all for taking a tantruming child for some 'time out', but do people not realise that even the best kids have their moments and a tantrum doesn't automatically mean the parent has no skills? Sometimes letting the child wail and ignoring their behaviour is part of parenting, depending on what the parent knows works with each child. I've heard of mums being treated terribly lately, by people who haven't had kids yet, or by people who've forgotten what their kids were like. I'd love to hear a story of someone who goes 'hey, I'll collect your coffee for you, you just stay sitting, can I buy your kid a cookie?' Easy for us to judge, but we were all screaming tantruming kids once.
*steps off soapbox*

Oh, and here's Wheels refusing to use his hold something again. He's a bit weird like that.

In small talk, my friend Mel is pregnant, due the same time as me and I still haven't sms'd or called to say congrats! My bad!
My parents got new couches, and we saw them today, and they're verrrry comfy! Nice job guys!
I'm having a Tupperware party soon...and so is everyone else I know, and their mums and their goldfish. Enough already!

Think that's about it!

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~Cinderella~ said...

You had a gorgeous tree Nelle :) Mine looked abit sad and sorry compared to yours! LOL I love the butterflies. Beautiful.

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