Saturday, 12 July 2008

Progress Report.

I chased after my goal with a definite lack of conviction, getting up after 9am every morning of the week. I did manage to get up just after 7:30 this morning, for a pedicure at 9am.
I really did enjoy today though, made the day feel like it lasted for ages. I really think that's the problem with weekdays, the earlier I get up, the longer I'm alone. Hmm. Perhaps this week I'll try to keep really busy and see if that helps.

And I have a bit to keep me busy, grabbed some piano books off Patience's mum today, so next week will try to put in about 30min each day for piano, plus 30min of Wii Fit, and then 30min or so of reading my bible. So...what with that, 2 loads of washing, some dishes and feeding 2 kids and changing nappies, I might be okay.

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