Friday, 19 June 2009

Something new!

I just added a new app called Blogger Buddy - it lets me blog straight from my desktop, which perhaps may be the cure to forgetting all about my blog! Woot!

To catch you up:
- Our house started being built on June 1st, we might be in by Christmas - woo!
- I have Sims3 and it's really fun.
- I've started getting up with Patience, before 7am, and trying to avoid the internet and video games more than usual, so that I get some quality time with my family. Early days yet.

My grump of the day is that because of some new laws proposed, homebirth attended by a trained midwife will, in effect, be illegal from mid 2010. Grumpy beyond belief. This better not actually happen, it's a major step backwards for women's choice about their own bodies.

What else? God is good, Patience and I have been reading the bible and praying together in the mornings and it's the best ever way to start the day.

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