Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Checking in

I've come on to quietly confess that I am LOVING this heat. Everyone else is feeling far too hot, I suspect Patience will take any confession as some sort of personal betrayal (I will tell him once it's cooled down), but I really enjoyed my time outside today, shopping and doing washing, although it's possible the ice-cream was mostly liquid by the time it hit the freezer.

We had a lovely holiday up at Gran's beautiful farm, and have vowed not to spend too long on the internet or video games. Still trying to find a way to enforce this, but it's great that both of us are comitted to this. Our resolve is really benefitting our friendship. And our house is looking so clean, we're very pleased with ourselves!

Now, there will be no photos, because the camera hasn't been charged for months. Actually...there. I just plugged the battery in, so prepare to be amazed. Not sure what by yet.

I'm hoping to get some crafty things done soon, aprons and wall hangings and the like, so maybe I'll have something to show you soon. Even if it looks like a 4 year old has done it.

Reading through the bible of a night, before nodding off (although I didn't last night, I epillated my legs instead - whoops at the priority mix up). I love how I pick up something new each read. I didn't realise that Noah was actually on the ark for just over a year! That's a long time to be cooped up with family and some animals. I was exitedly sharing my discovery with Dad, and couldn't figure out why he was laughing at me. Turns out I'd been telling him how many days Abraham was on the ark...ah well. At least it means he was listening.

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