Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Six years of being a Mrs.

I made him cupcakes.

He took me out to dinner, we talked and laughed, and then we sat on a bench surrounded by lovely trees and he practiced with our new camera.

I don't know what his Blog-name for me would be (thankfully 'Drama' is already taken), but Patience suits him well, and I know all too truly the part his patience has played in the survival and success of our marriage. If you're reading, my lovely man, thanks. Again. Always. xo

In other news, Wheels drew on the carpet with black texta (yesterday it was chalk).
I prayed a prayer of thankfulness that it was only whiteboard marker.
I rubbed it off with paper towel and eucalyptus oil. Drama had the lid. Drama pointed at the bottle and proclaimed 'yucky!', I imagine a judgement arrived at from recent experience.
I prayed a prayer of thankfulness he only had the lid.


Lori said...

Lovely, funny blog Nelle. I hope you don't mind me dropping in.

Nelle said...

Not at all Lori, great to see you! xo

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