Wednesday, 10 March 2010

In pictures

Breakfast at the ottoman, watching Thomas during breakfast. I was trying to encourage them to sit in the one spot while eating breakfast.

It certainly had them mesmerised.
It almost worked, Drama had a 'moment' towards the end and a few scraps (no idea whose) ended up on the floor with the plates. Still, any measure of success is welcome and celebrated in this house.
Heaven knows it's rare!

Drama went down for naptime easy as pie, as usual.
Wheels eventually became quiet too...which made me suspicious.


(At this stage it occurred to me that the automatic 'sports' setting might allow me to take a photo that wasn't blurry. There's a bit of noise, but no matter. I'm still learning!)

Naptime continued this way for some time. On the bright side, he went to bed that night without a peep. =)

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Vic said...

Holy cow they are SO BIG NOW!

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