Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pretty cool camera accessories.

I saw these over at one of Cakies' Sponsor Welcomes. Pretty nifty.
As with many of the sponsor messages, there's a competition involved.

The sponsor of the moment is Shey [B]. Who has a lot of cool camera related accessories.
Here's a few I love!

The bit I probably like the best, is that you can choose to get a lens cap pocket added!
So cool.

Edit: Oh, I like Lava leaves too.
Trying to keep my likes to gender neutral (gorgeous Lacey Ruffle excepted).
Wonder if I can justfiy one each for Patience and I...haha.


Beth said...

Thanks for stopping in at my spot! So fun to "see a new face!" These are some cool camera straps - and your little ones, what fun photos!

Ali said...

Those pretty darn awesome straps!!! maybe a few birthday presents there for certain family members of mine lol

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