Wednesday, 28 April 2010

It's got to beeeeeeeee.

Actually, no it doesn't. Have to be perfect that is. Here is the part of the blogging where I try to repent of my perfectionism. I stopped blogging because it's tricky to use my own photos sometimes (they're on Patience's computer), and I like to wait until I can do it things never get done around here, because it takes me so long to do them, because I want to do them RIGHT.

Obviously it's good to have standards! But the trouble with me is that I have trouble saying 'ahh that'll do'. I say 'NOO! It's not good enough!!' And rock back and forth in a corner for awhile.
Only God is perfect, so I need to learn to suck it up and just do what I want or need to do - even if it won't pass rigourous testing. If someone comes to rigourously test me on my washing or blogging or sewing, I will probably be too bewildered to worry about perfection anyway.

So what got me on to this? Diminishing Lucy did actually. She's pretty determined and disciplined when it comes to fitness and weight loss, and you can read about her newest challenge on her blog. I used to think she was a bit insane about the weight stuff, but she is the one losing weight while I am gaining it, so you do the maths.

I look slenderish. I'm a size 10 (for any Americans, that's a 6) and can wear pretty much whatever I want, and have a little bit of belly that I imagine most people would forgive me for after 2 children. And although I do want to get rid of that belly and the little bit of tuckshop lady arm I have going on - perhaps you can appreciate why it's hard for me to stay motivated. Because outwardly, you can't see much of a problem.

The problem is fitness. I'm rather unfit. I can play sports and do walks through a good combination of determination and skill/co-ordination (which I am very thankful for!). But I'm not toned and I'd like to have more energy for things, which 'they say' comes through being fit. And eating well (but that's another year's worth of posts in itself). And sleeping (another year's worth).

So. Two outcomes from this (it's always good to have an applicable point come from thinking!).
Firstly: I'll have my own 20:20:20, a la a less ambitious version of Lucy.
20 minutes of exercise a day, for 20 days, and I'll give myself $20 to spend on whatever I like if I can do it.
Secondly: At the end of each post I'll list an example of where I've dropped my standard (but not my principle) so that something has gotten done.

Please hold me accountable to this!!

Note: had a good long weekend. Spent part of the weekend in the good fun company of friends camped out in a hotel room.

Note: Lulu's bready things are quite the treat. Last night I made half cheese and bacon, half cinnamon sugar. Mmmmmm. Did I mention her blog's called 'Unperfect Life'?

*unperfect thing - I used a photo off the net, rather than my own.


Kelly said...

So glad to find you here. I loved reading this post. I myself am a recovering perfectionist. I wouldn't try things unless I could be perfect at it. I've wasted so much time NOT doing things. Being able to be imperfect has been liberating. In HIS strength... perfection on day in heaven.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend at the hotel. I'd be jumping on the bed too!

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