Thursday, 5 August 2010

Today's pic

Where RJ has his eyes half open, but I like the composition. It looks a bit like the album cover of someone who wants to be taken Seriously.

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Beth said...

Sweet boy. Gorgeous sky!

And in response to your last post. When I've gotten at least 5 hrs of sleep, I try to still get up a little earlier than my crew of peeps here...just because it matters so much to start my day with the Lord, His Word, and's not that I have this perfect routine or anything, or that it's even about the routine - needs to be about seeking Jesus, of course - but like you said, getting a jump on your day is a blessing, not just spiritually but practically. And for those days when I don't/can't get up early, I try to make it my priority to soak up God's Word at my first free moment(s), and keep on talking to Him through the day...

And I do love my 1/2 cup of coffee, black! :-)

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