Monday, 11 October 2010

The cross. Not too graphic. There is a graphic though.

Taking one of my long showers this morning, and I started daydreaming. Then I realised I was daydreaming and chided myself for daydreaming thinking 'Jesus didn't die for you so you could sit around daydreaming' (note: that will seem legalistic and/or nonsensical to most, but it was relevant for me there, because in short, I have wasted most of 2010 daydreaming, but that is another story for another day).
So I drew a cross in the fog on the shower glass. Which got me...well...daydreaming. Ahem.

I started to wonder about the shape of the cross. You know, how some are sort of in proportion, and others have a longer main beam...which always used to annoy me, because it wasn't in proportion.

And then I remembered that the bible talks about people carrying their crosses before they're crucified, and then perhaps the longer downbeam is right because perhaps it was dropped into a hole or something.
And I'm sharing this with you because it is so interesting to think about something new for the first time, particularly when it's a familiar theme. For me, the cross is a familiar theme, but there is always something new to learn about it.

The sun is frowning by the way, because I added earthworms, then dirt, then a smiling sun and birds, and then realised that it was too happy and really a crucifixion is an ugly, terrible, sad thing. So I made the sun cross. Which is quite fitting given the subject...


So - to the facts as best as I could ascertain. Well I don't know what 'actual' crosses looked like, but I did read that the main beam was probably fixed, and the part that those being crucified carried was probably the cross beam, which still would have been awkward and heavy and smarted like nothing else on a freshly whipped back. Just. Ow.
I guess the difference in supporting beam length would come down to if you saw it before it was dug in, and where you cut the beam. I don't know if the Romans had 'within the inch' regulations about cross sizes. It's just above and below ground views - it's not like the cross balances there. So perhaps longer is technically right...

Sorry what? What's the conclusion? Dunno. That I shouldn't judge jewellery with a longer y axis I guess. And that there is always something new to learn about my faith. Even if it's a small detail.

So. How was that for a cheery Monday topic?

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