Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Family photos

Dear Patience,

Please take note that when I request a nice photo face, it is in your best interest to acquiesce.

Hopefully forgivenly yours,
Nelle xo

Ah me. I do love him dearly.

We've been making extra effort to communicate without technology lately, and it's worth it. Phones, computers, iPad, tv - all away. It's so easy to lose track of each other sometimes.

And yeah, I know my boys need haircuts.


Beth said...

Oh, so fun to see your whole family up close!! What happy pictures, too!

Just when I got your sweet comment on my blog, I'd been thinking of you, too and had just checked in at your spot!

Have a blessed day, my faraway friend!

Beth said...

And, communicating more and without technology = great and wise idea.

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