Wednesday, 8 December 2010

List for Patience. *shame at how much I love stuff*

I'm assuming Patience has forgotten that my blog name for him is Patience and will have no idea what is going on. So. You - with the good looks!

Yes you. 
Here is my Christmas list, as agreed. With links. Christmas for wifey does not get much easier than this.
If anyone else is struggling with a wishlist (ahaha), feel free to borrow inspiration from mine!

I've been looking at the Oxfam shop. Free trade cuteness!
I've always been fascinated by these Brass Calanders, there are two sizes.
I can imagine this lantern or these chickens hanging around too.
The Zari table runner and cushion cover are pretty.
This cup is a bit funny and cute.
These spoons are cute too.
Very funky cuffs and bracelets. Une, deux, trois.

Tree of life have some cool jewellery. Like this, this, this, this, this...those last two probably are my favourites but I like them all.

Then there's Lark. Ohhh Lark.
These swap cards are so sweet. And completely unnecessary. I'd probably put them in the frame on the piano.
It's a cookbook for making lollies.
Silicone coffee cups for on the go.
And technically this wouldn't be for me but...seaside puzzles!

Oh sweet baloo. I just found the Kath Kidston store, UK based.
And maybe this isn't Christmas present material, but I'd love to use these instead of white bowls!

And then I don't have links honey but:
A board game. Any one that you will play with me.
The new Graeme Base book
World Globe
Dock for the iPad so I can sync a keyboard with it and type
Creme Brulee (lol, okay so maybe that's not do-able. But mmmmmm)
Thinnish belt, any colour except black.
General Pants Co or Myer voucher (this is if you start to get desperate babe)

I would be really happy to get any of these things. 
If none of these things appeal to you as a present to get me, I can work with that. It would do my character no harm to get nothing really. We both know I'm far too into myself for my own good as it is. *tries to look repentant but honestly is too into herself*

Well now! It's your turn to blog your list m'love. Don't wait too long, or my hair will turn grey from the stress of having to last minute shop and I might want to dye it and that will cost us money.

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