Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Mehing. Oh sorry, I mean shopping.


*looks sheepish*

*shuffles feet*

Right, well now the 'haven't blogged in a month' awkwardness is done with, let's catch up shall we?

It's the second day of Summer (how's Winter, those in the Northern Hemisphere?). A lovely sunny, warm, thunderstormy, rainy, laid back sort of time. Well yes, I know I'm laid back all the time.

pic taken by Patience last Summer

And I am starting to feel that sort of pre-exam butterfly fluttering tightness in my belly whenever someone cheerfully announces that their Christmas shopping is DONE.

Because I haven't started.

I mean, in my head I have. Like everything I need to do, it meanders casually through my brain, pouring iced coffee after iced coffee, and some plans never make it out of my brain. Okay, most.

But Christmas is different because Christmas is mandatory. It's not some random life-improving exercise; there is a deadline.

My present idea for my sister was a fail, her friend already gave it to her. For Christmas. In November! This is what I am working with here.

My brother in law's girlfriend is studying architecture. That's right. Design. Incredible personal taste. And speaking of taste, have I mentioned she can't have sugar in any form, and doesn't drink hot drinks.
I think I've found something for her on the internet...but oh my nerves!

And then there's my mum. Who has never used a present I've given her. Oh...maybe a jumper (sweater/pullover). No idea if my mum knows about this blog, so I'd better not say this year's idea.
Her birthday's a few days after Christmas. Yay.

And Dad - whose birthday is today, so I've already used my one idea I had for him, which actually is from last year but I couldn't find Speeches that Changed the World in the shops last Christmas.

My father in law also has a birthday in December. There's also my mother in law, two brother in laws to buy for, as well as Patience and the boys. And friends.

Patience, the boys and I are the only ones in our family not to have a birthday in Summer. And I do love birthdays, and Christmas and presents but I am currently just feeling a little bit like....I can't be bothered.
Again, not a feeling particularly foreign to Team Nelle, but I am feeling it very specifically about Christmas shopping.

Of course, I hope that everyone else is sweating and slaving over the perfect present for me...

How's everyone else's shopping going? 
I'm doing mine mostly online I think (which means I need to get my hurry on). Anyone else mostly shopping/shopped online? 
Store ideas? (Right now I'm looking at Lark, Hunt & Gather, and Aero Designs Plus)


Beth said...

So nice to catch up! :-)

Ummm, I've just started my shopping, too, and it'll be mostly online. Don't have any creative shops, really, though...boring old Amazon and such, mostly, for me!

Can't get over the fact that it's summer for you! Not that it's cold here!

Beth said...

Oh, LOVE the Ninja Bread Men!!

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