Saturday, 26 March 2011

Cordial, some time ago.

I still can't figure out why I blog.
But I'm bored; Patience and the bro in law are watching Dr. Who. Again.

I made cordial for Christmas presents. You know those token gifts where you'd usually give chocolate or baked goods, but you know the recipients will probably already end up carting armfuls of food home as it is.
I made Raspberry and also Passionfruit. The raspberry was a bit thick, and Dad tells me it went off relatively quickly (he said to add Epsom salts next time as a preservative). I'm not a huge fan of raspberry anyway, so I'm not sure I'll make that again. But if I did, I'd make it runnier. Or label it 'coulis' instead of 'cordial'...

But the passionfruit was delish! I grabbed the recipe off Taste, and I've made a couple of batches since then. I double the recipe, use tinned passionfruit, and definitely not that much lemon juice (and it's tart enough as it is)! Ours never lasted long enough to go off, but I guess I could add epsom salts to that too.

The hardest bit was probably getting all the labels off the mineral water bottles. They looked good though hey!

So, now you all know something I did three months ago.


Beth said...

Wow! That's amazing! I've never heard of someone making such lovely drinks home-made - and in such cute bottles! Great job.

Nelle said...

Haha, I tipped a LOT of cheap mineral water out to get those bottles! It's so easy Beth, I'm planning to make some more this week, but it's the best in Spring and Summer! It's more hot chocolate and tea weather here at the moment...boooo.

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