Tuesday, 12 April 2011

How we organised the kids' room.

We've kicked the boys out of the playroom, so their (rather small) bedroom has to fit both them AND their toys. Enter IKEA...

On the right there, you can see two Trofast units - the three tiered ones. Many pictures I found online had them configured differently, with the highest points meeting in the middle. This looked too much like it shouted 'CLIMB ME PLEEEASE' to Patience and I (we are very attuned to the communications of furniture), and after this photo was taken, I discovered that their fold out kiddy couch fits perfectly along that centre bit. So one of the next steps up is a bit of a bookcase now - sometimes I see one of them chilling up there, and tonight I perched myself there to read the bedtime story. Genius!

We used to have the bunks in an L shape (the bottom bed doesn't actually connect to the bunk), but we swung S's bed underneath, which freed up a heap of space.
I was quite pleased with how the chalkboard fitted neatly in the corner too - I was all ready to toss it and paint chalkboard paint on the wall, but I think this works better for now.

My sister made the canvasses ages ago - on the backgrounds of the pictures are their names repeated in rows.

The photo is taken from just in front of the wardrobe (another space saving tip, sliding doors instead of swing out doors, very thankful that thought occurred to us). 
Their wardrobe has always been a disaster, ever since we moved really, so now there are some four-space IKEA Expedit units, one on each side, which house their pants, shorts, pyjamas and shoes. Their socks and undies sit in baskets on top, and all their tops hang. It's working really well so far.
And I didn't take a photo of that because the top of the wardrobe is still in total disarray.

And the best part? Maybe it's my gentle persistent nagging, or perhaps Patience has struck some fear into them - the room stays relatively clean! We tidy it every night before the story and praying, but they seem to be mostly grasping the 'one tub at a time, one tub at a time, one tub at a time' mantra. It's not perfect, but perfect's not what we're going for, just manageable - and it's manageable!

In other news, S recently turned three. I still think he's the cutest thing ever.

He's toilet training at the moment - we've found our golden key - 'will pee for lollies'. Almost on command, if there's a jellybean involved. My only issue is, that we're asking him to pee every thirty minutes, and at that confectionary-consuming rate, he's going to develop diabetes or something.
Do you think banana chips would work as a slightly healthier option?

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