Monday, 23 July 2007

Sharing is Caring, so I'll share some photos.

I've realised I forgot to blog how my first Mother's Day present came to me. I thought it was pretty special. I got a slow cooker, by the way, which cooked up some yummy soup last night, mmm.

Then there's the pic I took of Wheels a few days ago - he finally seems like he's starting to chub up a bit...though he's still pretty slim. See those rosy cheeks? Top teeth are just showing.

Oh, and here's my new circular knitting needle case! With my new knitting needles from the Jolly Jumbuck! I'm so into knitting, though I didn't get any done all weekend, and I think I might have to restart Wheel's longies cos I think he's grown too tall for the ones I was knitting! Whoops. Can't wait til I can knit fast and that sort of thing won't be a problem. He's just shot up in the last week or so. Anyway, I got the case from Etsy, which is such a fun site.

And here's one of Patience and me at Shy & Funky's wedding at Potter's Cottage. It's a pretty nice place. I keep forgetting how much taller Patience is than me until I see a photo - I'm wearing heels too, and I'm not really short anyway!

Patience was really good to me yesterday, and let me snooze from about 5pm til 10pm, just brought Wheels in for his 6pm feed and then put him to bed! I must have needed the sleep, I don't remember even putting my head on the pillow!

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Thanks for the update Nelle!

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