Friday, 21 September 2007


Been awhile. I stopped caring, sorry! Haha.

So, what's been happening?

- I just got my invite into Ravelry! About time! Shamefully, I haven't actually done much knitting, because I've lost my glasses, and I frown and stare that intensely at the stitches that I get a headache without them. Seriously, where on earth could they be?

- I've discovered an arcade game on the Xbox360 that I really like, called Catan. Based on a board game with the same name apparently. I'll have to keep an eye out for the board game, cos I reckon that'd be fun too.

- I'm 3ish months pregnant. Though I'd say most people know this, news gets around!

- I've just ordered some BabyBeeHind Magic-All nappies! Hoping they come in the mail today, I'm heading towards AIO's for Wheels now. Mostly cos Patience and I are lazy. Okay, well I am.

- Patience and I are getting back into reading our bibles, sluggishly, but progress is progress right? I'm really enjoying it, and can't figure out why I stopped in the first place. I probably lost it, I'm always losing my bible under piles of clothes or catalogues!

Youth group is tonight, it's the end of term activity, and this one's called Canterbury Show. Like the Royal Melbourne Show. Going to be fun, but is going to be a lot to set up. I'll be manning the bobbing for apples stand. That always cracks me up.

Right, well that's it from me, I'm going to check out Ravelry some more.


Bennet said...

Hey Nelle. To help you in your search; the board-game Catan is based off is called 'Settlers of Catan'. Supposedly it was really popular; though I hadn't heard of it until the 360 version was announced. It is even in the Games Hall of Fame. ;)

clockwise said...

Yeah I've played Settler of Catan a couple of times (the board game) it's very good.

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