Tuesday, 30 October 2007


And so this is Christmas...almost anyway, Patience and I want to put our tree up in November, cos it's such a nice tree...for a fakey anyway. Think we might put it ON the coffee table if we can, keep it a bit further away from little fingers and all that. I love Christmas.

Today's a day where I'm feeling a bit sick of consumerism. Though there's still heaps of stuff that I want. Cognitive dissonance at its best.

I've been loving all the warm sunny days we've been seeing lately, there's something about warm fresh air that makes me feel happy. =)

We got a coffee machine the other day, a dripolater, or drip filter coffee machine, which isn't as coffee-snob as an espresso machine, but I wanted a machine that made coffee relatively quickly without too much faffing about. Which this does. It makes a coffee on the weak side though, wouldn't mind trying a stronger coffee, or perhaps better, a finer grind. It's a pretty special treat to set the timer for weekends though and wake up to a coffee! Mmm.
I'm guessing that in the far off future, the next machine I'll eventually aspire to get will be a fully automatic one that does everything, including a pedicure while you wait.

Wheels is loads of fun as usual, though the poor kid's teething, which means he's in pain, got nappy rash from all that toxic 'output' (my cultured way of saying poo and wee), and a cold - apparently teething can cause colds, which I can attest to, because I get a cold whenever my wisdom teeth move! He's getting a bit sick of me chasing him with a tissue I think. Hopefully this won't last too much longer. He's still a delight to parent though.

I'm starting to think about baby names for the new one. Which probably isn't worth blogging about, because we're not going to tell anyone what we decide! Not that we're anywhere near deciding yet - Patience's contributions so far have been names like 'Hogsbort' and 'Fainswangle'. Or something.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now, I'm going to go do something a bit more productive.

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clockwise said...

My vote is definitely for Hogsbort.

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