Sunday, 5 October 2008

A little bit browner.

Not that I endorse getting too much sun, you know, skin cancer and all that. Still, was nice to hang out in mum and dad's backyard this arvo and get a bit of warmth. Mmm. It was such a nice day!
Lion caught a fish too, with her boyfriend the other day, a salmon, and we cooked it on the barbecue. Was suuuuper delish.

Got the guitar back too, she's got a busy week at uni, so I'm 'helping' her study or focus or whatever reason I gave her to grab the guitar back for a week. Just to make sure I still enjoy it enough to buy my own. Looking forward to easy-to-press-down steel strings for sure, the nylon strings are hurting my fingers!

Had fun Friday night, went into the city with BigPicture, a mate who often goes in on a Friday night with another friend just to talk to random people. If the subject of God or Jesus comes up, then fantastic, he goes in to share his hope with people. If people aren't interested, that's okay too. We met some cool people, the night involved talking with a goth-looking guy about all sorts of fun things, wandering through some sort of artistic installation (cyclops Afro men, as BigPicture called them) with a grouse couple who we hope to catch up with sometime for video games cos they're fun, and passing a cheeseburger around with two young guys and watching one of them run across the road with a maccas chair which was a bit funny. Saw a busker called Jessica Paige too, she's got a lovely voice, hope she does well. Worth checking out.

Had a photo shoot Saturday morning with a lovely chick I know from BellyBelly called Chrissy, who was doing a deal for BB members. Hope they turn out well! Wheels just wanted to fun away from her... Williamstown Botanical Gardens were worth the hike, they're quite lovely.

Missed the protest at Parliment house today against late term abortions, apparently there's a mothers one on tomorrow. Hard to make it with kids, but I will see how I go. Otherwise I'll definitely write a letter. The guy who's been protesting on the steps is really encouraging, to see people standing up for what they think is important.

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