Tuesday, 16 February 2010


muse [myooz] verb, mused, musing.

1. To think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
2. To consider or say thoughtfully.
3. a) A guiding spirit. b) A source of inspiration.

To me, that's what my favourite blogs cause me to do. They cause me to reflect on my life, or think on a subject, or they inspire me towards action. Or both.

And perhaps that's why blogs are important after all, and why I'm getting back into it. Because I need to be inspired to be creative and thoughtful and thankful and proactive. And because blogging keeps me accountable to those values.

Currently I'm inspired by all these blogs with amazing photography, where the photo pretty much tells the story and the words just fill in any blanks. Or sometimes people leave the blanks.
Luckily Patience is interested in cameras too. Lion just got herself a Nikon d5000 but Patience has decided that a Pentax will serve our needs (and our budget) just fine. Here's a pic of the white one, since I imagine we'll end up getting a black one. But isn't the white cool.

We're still a while off buying one, but we're putting away the spare pennies for it. Oh and also for a spare bed, couches for the front room, a deck and a garden....

Also speaking of Muse, we saw them at the Big Day Out on Australia Day. Fun.

But back to the inspiration kind of muse - what muses do other people have? What or who inspires you to make changes for the good, or keep on keeping on?

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Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

Other beautiful blogs inspire me. My children inspire me. Gratitude inspires me. You know where I am coming from.

More please, from you Nelle. xx

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