Monday, 28 June 2010

Food Sins Of Our Parents

When I read the Neurotic One's post of the same title, it turned out to be about unusual and unhealthy foods we grew up with and can't resist now (chip sandwich anyone?).

I had thought it was going to be about something else. Something more akin to trauma*.

Let me explain.

Pic found on google from Rose's Kitchen

Growing up, we ate sausages. A lot. A lot.
Patience loves sausages. I can make him a delicious honey soy chicken, or fettucine carbonara, and he will enjoy it but I know he'd be equally chuffed to be served a sausage in bread with sauce (ketchup).
At his gentle persistence, I started to eat them again at 22.

We also had stir fry a lot. I still can't eat it.

I can't get excited about chow mein, or any mincy thing with corn in it.

I am working really hard to make sure I don't cook the same meal too many times in a row...but does it even matter with boys? Patience reckons he got served much of the same and he still likes it all!
Is the issue gender? Personality?
Has it got to do with cooking skill? *prays my mum doesn't read this*

And what about yoooou, lovely readers? Do you have any foods that you just .... struggle to like because you had them so much growing up?

*I really wanted to write 'something far more sinister' but it didn't make much sense. Sinister? It's only food.
Unless.......I was being poisoned.............but I wasn't.

*And yes I know, this complaint is ever so Western World. It's hardly a real 'sin' given that Jesus fed upwards of 4000 and 5000 people with bread and fish. Not a heap of variety there, although I'd say he wins in terms of making a little go a long way. I don't think the recipients would have complained at any rate.


Mrs Neurotic said...


Oh yes I know those sins as well.

We had quite a few. The most memorable being savory mince. It was mince, with pineapple, peas, corn, pasta, worcestershire sauce and I don't remember what else. Gross. Wrong... and PINEAPPLE?! WHY?! Not only was this a dinner that was often a weekly dish but also strange and gross and weird.

Another was tinned mushrooms on toast. Often this was thrown in front of me when it was one of those convenience nights where you reach for the can opener to serve dinner. Ew. Tinned mushrooms? Why? Just because it was once a vegetable and once had some sort of nutritional value doesn't mean the salty slimey mess you put on my plate before me has any of those things now. I would plead for tinned spaghetti but no "You need to eat vegetables!" Well I'm sorry but I don't think you'll find tinned mushrooms anywhere in the food pyramid.


Thank you that was extremely cathartic.

Beth said...

This is making me laugh...partly because of we all have those foods we hate because we were fed them so repeatedly, but also because of the unusual things mentioned here...canned mushrooms, mince, etc...different from over here in Texas and Alabama!

For me - I never liked roast (as in beef, cooked in the oven for a few hours), because everyone overcooked it, making it dry and nasty. Only in the past few years have I even attempted making roast, and since, mercifully, the roasts have been good, I'm not anti-roast anymore.

My mom used to buy salmon in a can and make "salmon patties" did not love that...and she made us eat the little soft bones in it, saying they were so good for us.

And then there's green beans, which in the deep South of the United States, are usually cooked so long that they are this nasty army green/gray color, smell nasty and are falling apart limp. Blech! Give me my beans al dente! :-)

But you're right,'s all very Western. God has given us so much. I am glad for every meal He provides us in His great mercy to us!

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