Tuesday, 20 July 2010

She's alive!

Hey y'all.

The good news is I have an iPad and it's quite fun. I almost typed iPaed, and I imagine one of those might be handy too.

The bad news is that I haven't been taking photos. Patience has though, but then I have to use his computer, and besides, I don't know how to add a pic from the iPad until they make an app and blah blah excuse excuse.

The good news is that when my phone contract is up soonish, I might get an iPhone and take pics with that. Won't that be fun!

The bad news is (if you don't like waiting) that we'll have to wait for that.

The neutral blog related news is that I'm thinking of changing my template (never actually figured this one out). I'm also thinking of changing the boys' blog names to their initials, because perhaps as they grow Wheels and Drama might not be the most fair or accurate. Perhaps currently more applicable for Wheels...Drama is still fitting riiiiight into his blog name. Oh my.

Non blog related news is that I am reading the bible heaps (on the iPad of course, so it's a jolly good novelty!) and learning (or trying to learn) lots. This involves some amount of frowning and scowling as I read and realise there are changes to make and bad habits to ditch. The alternative to action of course, is not really acceptable now I know better...almost tempting not to read the bible really....but it's on the iPad...the shiny iPad....thankyou God, for the iPad.

I'm thinking of getting my hair cut much shorter too...I'm a huge fan of femininity, but we have to be realistic about thin, fine, inclined-to-fuzz hair, don't we. At some stage.


Beth said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging comment and prayers!!!! Means so much to me!

My due date is Thursday. Have gone past it with three of mine, early with one...running out of time for "early" obviously! :-) Feeling well, all things considered, but you won't hear me complain when the first contraction really comes!!

I'm excited to hear about you digging into the Bible. You cannot go wrong there!! I'll be praying for you, too, as you read and learn. We'll ALWAYS be learning...

And, I hacked my hair off a month ago...went from ponytail length to short in the back with long bangs in the front...ahhh...less hair to deal with!

Mrs Neurotic said...

Miss you. Hope all is well in the land of Nelle! Congrats on the iPad WOOT! xxx

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