Thursday, 29 July 2010

Why I have to keep blogging

So I can move that horrid picture of sausages further down my blog. I honestly feel a bit nauseous looking at it....obviously sausages and I have some way to go...bleuuuurgh.

Anyway. Changes. I've changed the blog template (last one had me mystified).

I'm changing blog names. Wheels is now RJ, Drama is now SL. Although technically they've always had those initials. Mostly because I am trying to look past their dominant traits to see all of them, particularly Drama. He is so full on, such a dynamic, intense (oft called psycho) little personality, and I am trying trying to see beyond the drama to what makes him tick and who he actually is. Why he has to punch everyone he walks past is beyond me. Why he has to throw or knock over every object he walks past has me beat. The way he tantrums is so surreal that it makes me giggle (behind my hand of course!). But the drama is not who he is, so I need to try and see all of him.
Patience can still be Patience. Which is quite generous of me really, given he's just been harassing me to hurry up and bring him a drink when I come to bed.

I'm sure I had something else to say, but I'm suddenly tired. Perhaps not entirely shocking at a quarter to one in the morning....

Anyway, here's a pic of RJ and I on a relatively recent winter holiday near Lakes Entrance. It was pretty cold! It's lovely to see everything so green in Winter though.


Beth said...

Love the new look!

Sweet picture of you and your little one!

Spirited! said...

Beautiful photo, and I love the whole vibe of your blog. Nicely done!

Nelle said...

Thanks! I quite like the pic too. xo

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