Monday, 1 November 2010

I've been pondering. Wondering. Musing.

- When I tell my boys 'get out of the kitchen' they're reluctant to leave, but when they're pretending to be animals, and I say 'get out of the kitchen' they scamper out straight away. Are animals more obedient?

- We went to the zoo (pics to come) and SL's favourite animal was the frogs. We didn't see any frogs.

- The boys struggle to use manners with me, but when I hear them playing on their own it's all
'I have train please?'
'Here you go'
'You're welcome'.

- Four whole books of the bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) are referred to as the gospels. Does this mean that everything included in these is 'the gospel' (aka 'good news') and not just the part where Jesus dies and rises again? Is the way Jesus lived the gospel (good news) too?

- I've finally come to the conclusion that my time at uni wasn't a waste - I failed so much (never finished the course, I'm a pregnancy drop-out), but I read SO much of the bible while I was avoiding school work. I'd never have read that much bible if I'd been doing something else, like say, bible college.

- With Movember, are you allowed to have a moustache at the start, or are you supposed to start clean shaven and spend the month perfecting your mo?

- One of the boys took this picture on an iPhone. My guess is knees? Gave me quite the start when I stumbled across it!

'A man who does not think for himself does not think at all'
(attributed to Oscar Wilde, according to the internet. So who knows.)

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Beth said...

Love the apron.

We don't have Kingston Creams. But the cake looks yummy.

Yeah, and I wonder why Acts isn't considered one of the gospels? Hmmmm....

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